Poppy seed pesto

A somewhat un-Italian version of pasta that I created in ten minutes one evening.  I tested on one Italian girl who was staying on our centre, and she approved wholeheartedly.  The quantities are estimates, as I am not the kind of cook to actually measure how many grams of pasta I am using!


200 grams pasta

2 spoons white poppy seeds (posto)

1/3- 1/2 cup water to soak the poppy seeds

1 teaspoon black cumin seeds (nigella, kalonji, kalo-jeera)

2-3 dried red chillis, or chopped fresh green chilli according to taste

1 spoon oil

1/3 teaspoon salt

pinch of hing

oil and salt to boil the pasta


  1. Grind poppy seeds in a coffee-grinder, and then mix with water.
  2. Boil water with salt and oil, add pasta and boil until al dente (on this matter, you must follow the Italians: DO NOT overcook your pasta!)
  3. Heat oil, and add chilli and black cumin seeds, until the seeds pop.  Add a pinch of hing.  Add the poppy-seed paste and salt.  Lower the temparature and cook until all water has evaporated.  Stir so that it does not stick.
  4. Mix the paste with the pasta.  Add salt to taste if needed.  Enjoy!

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