Vegan Mango-Semolina Cake

This is a simple yet delicious cake, with a spongy texture, yet without any oil, milk, or butter.  It is basically made with the same system as the ‘cucumber cake’ which I posted before, except with a different flavour.  (CUCUMBER CAKE)


It is made by steaming, instead of by baking, which is what creates the unique texture.  You can make it using packaged mango puree, or with fresh mango.  If you are using fresh mango, try to use a variety without to many strings (this does nto affect the taste, but the fibre will show up in the cake like fine hair!)

The recipe calls for gur, (or panela in Spanish), which is unproccessed, solidified sugar cane juice.  Not only is this much healthier than sugar, it also has a delicious and unique taste.  If you can’t find it, you can use finely ground brown sugar, though it is not the same!



1 1/2 cups semolina

1 cup mango puree, or 1 large mango

1 cup gur (panela), grated into powder

1/2 cup water

1/2 teaspoon baking soda or baking powder

5-6 green cardamom pods



  1.  Lightly toast the semolina in a pan, until it starts to change colour slightly.  Do not burn!  Meanwhile, spread a little oil in a a round baking tray.
  2. If you are using fresh mango, mix the fruit together with the water and gur in a blender.  If you are using pre-packaged mango puree, mix with the water and gur, so that the gur can dissolve.
  3. In the steamer pot, add water and leaave to boil.  Crush the cardamom pods with a morter and pestle, remove the green skin, and coarsely grind the seeds.  Mix the cardamom and semolina with the mango pulp.  it will be quite liquid.  Finally, add the baking soda and mix quickly.  (Before adding the soda, make sure the water is boiling, as the cake has to placed immediately into the steamer pot).  Pour the batter into the cake tray, place into the steamer, and cover.  Cook for 20 minutes.  As with a cake baked in the oven, do not open the pot  at the begining stages of cooking.
  4. Remove from the pot, and leave to cool.




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