Five Spice Cabbage

I have to admit that cabbage is not the most exciting vegetable, but if prepared properly, it can in fact be very tasty, as well as digestable.  This is a very simple technique for cooking cabbage, and one of my favourites.  Because it is so simple, I would reccommend following the recipe exactly as it is.  The only adjustment you can make is adding some green peas to the cabbage.  The 5 spice mix, and the pinch of sugar are essential and should not be adjusted.  This recipe DOES NOT need turmeric, unlike many Indian recipes.  One trick for any cabbage-based recipe is to add a pinch of sugar (less that the quantity of salt).  This completely changes the taste.



-2 cups finely sliced cabbage (it really should be very fine- otherwise the flavour will not be the same.  PLEASE DO NOT cut into squares or large pieces)

-Half cup frozen green peas (optional)

-1 or 2 fresh green chillies, slit in half, or dry red chilli

-1 teaspoon Painch Poron (Bengali 5 spice mix- see here: Spices and Useful Ingredients)

-1/2 teaspoon sugar (repeat- don’t emit this ingredient)

-Pinch of Hing

-1/2 spoon oil

-Salt to taste



1.  Heat oil in a pan or wok.  Add the chilli and painch poron, and wait for the spices to pop.  Add the hing.  Add the cabbage, salt, sugar and green peas.  Fry for 2 minutes, then add a little water (around 1/4 cup).

2.  Lower the heat and cover, stirring occasionally.  Cook until the cabbage is completely soft (it should not be crunchy at all).  The water should be completely evaporated by the time the cabbage is cooked.

3.  Personally, I like to eat it with hot chapati, but you can eat it with anything.




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