Fresh Yoghurt-Cheese (Labane)

Now for a very easy recipe!!  This is a kind of fresh cheese, which you can spread on bread, use as a dip, or any other which way you like.  It is common in Lebanon and Syria.  It is a natural, additive free alterntive to buying cream cheese in the supermarket.

Basically, just take some yoghurt (if it is thicker yoghurt, you will get more cheese from it), and pour the yoghurt into a cotton cloth placed over a colander.  Let the liquid drip out into a bowl underneath.  You make tie the cloth and simply leave it sitting in the colander, or you can hang in somewhere and let it drip into a bowl.  Voila!  Done!  Now you just have to remove it from the cloth, and pour some olive oil over it.  It also tastes great with Zaatar (mixed herbs with thyme, sumac and sesame seeds).  Personally I like it with Indian black salt.  Mixed with sugar or honey, it can also be used to ice cakes.

It will keep in the fridge at least a week.

After teh making the cheese, there will be a bowl of light yellowish water left over.  Don’t throw it!  This is also healthy and useful!  You can use it to cook rice, make bread or chapatii (Chapati recipe), or even drink it as it is.

Enjoy this simple and natural product!




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